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Product Description

1. Assembling Molds
After making molds consisting of a mixture of fine sand and clay. Inserting the core into the outer mold. The molds are assembled and positioned correctly, then they are closed and fastened.
2. Pouring Liquid Iron Into The Molds
When the liquid iron is taken out from the cupola furnace, its temperature will be about 1,400 degree C 1,500 degrees C (2,552 degrees F 2,732 degrees F). A ladle is used for transporting the liquid iron to the mold.
3. Taking Out Teapots From Molds
After cooling down the iron and forming the teapots, the inner mold is crushed and taken out of the inner and outer molds.
4. Smoothing Surface
The outside surface is smoothed by using a sand grinder. Then carefully smoothing inside for an enamel coating.
5. Inside Enamel Coating
A thin layer of enamel coating is applied to the inner surface.
6. Coloring
Coloring the outside surface while placing teapots in warm oven.
7. Polishing Teapots
After teapots are colored, they are polished one by one using a dry cloth.
8. Quality Control And Packaging
After teapots are carefully inspected, they are packed and are ready to ship out.

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