Green Ginkgo Cast Iron Teapot Set

Green Ginkgo Cast Iron Teapot 20 oz. Set
Green Ginkgo Cast Iron Teapot 20 oz. Set
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Product Description

Green ginkgo cast iron teapot set includes: one teapot, one trivet, four tea cups, and four coasters

Lovely handcrafted raised green ginkgo leaves adorn the body of the teapot. Has a stainless steel infuser basket, and baked porcelain enamel inside. 5 1/4" in diameter.
Capacity: 20 oz.

This teapot comes with a matching round ginkgo cast iron trivet.
Dimensions: 6" in diameter.

Four matching ginkgo cast iron tea cups.
Dimensions: 3" in diameter
Capacity: 4 ounces each.

Four cast iron leaf coasters
4-3/4" length, 3" width.

Manufactured by Iwachu, in the Iwate region of Japan.

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Additional matching cast iron tea cups available.

Iwachu cast iron tea warmer available.